Worship Christ the Risen King, guitar chords, tabs

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Worship Christ the Risen King

Rise O Church and lift your voices
C                  G             D              G 
Christ has conquered death and hell
     G                                       B7    
Sing as all the earth rejoic-es

 Em     A         D     A      D     

Resur-rection anth-ems swell
    D                          G                C        
Come and worship come and worship
  C    Em    Am         G   D     G    

Worship Christ the Ri-sen King

See the tomb where death had laid Him
C       G             D            G  
Empty now its mouth de-clares

 G                                             B7 

Death and I could not contain Him
Em        A           D     A    D     
For the throne of life He shares

D                          G   
Come and worship come and worship
         C   Em    Am           G  D     G          

Worship Christ the Ris-en King

Hear the earth protest and tremble
See the stone removed with pow'r
All hell's minions may assemble
But cannot withstand His hour
He has conquered He has conquered
Christ the Lord the Risen King

Doubt may lift its head to murmur
Scoffers mock and sinners jeer
But the truth proclaims a wonder
Thoughtful hearts receive with cheer
He is risen He is risen
Now receive the Risen King

We acclaim Your life O Jesus
Now we sing Your victory
Sin or hell may seek to seize us
But Your conquest keeps us free
Stand in triumph stand in triumph
Worship Christ the Risen King