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The Sweep of the Lord's Letters to the Seven Churches


Question: In Revelation 2 and 3, the Lord writes seven letters to seven churches. The last letter is to the Church at Laodicea who many believe is a church with no believers. How could that church, which presumably started out as a church of believers, over time become a church of unbelievers?


4. At both Pergamus and Thyatira, there were corrective and restorative measures that the Lord warns he would take (probably by sending a faithful servant---like Paul who warned the Corinthians that he was about to come after them with words that would tear down rather than build up). But at Sardis, we see a church where unbelievers had infested to the extent that the Lord's command is that they would come to life (i.e. be saved). However, he acknowledges that there were some at Sardis who were true believers---His blood cleansing them from sin

                     Steve Popovich   2009