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The Tree of Light and its Truth

The Truth of God Forever Stands

The truth of God forever stands.
All other ways are dust

That spread through tongues of fallen man,

Fomenting pride and lust.
But those who find their life in Christ
Survey the famine past;
For in our heart His grain doth rise
To be our soul's repast.

Though words and words all 'round us swirl
There is one truth alone

Whose beam spreads forth, to all the world,

The way where God is known.

All other words feign will deny
The Christ who came to save,

But in our heart His star doth rise
To light His righteous way.

Broad are the ways that seemeth right
But ends thereof are death.

Lo one, the narrow,  leads to life

Through Christ whose blood was shed,

And by whose Spirit we abide

In truth that e'er will stand.

For one day we as one will rise

To stand before the Lamb.

Words: 2016 by Stephen Popovich
Music: Ellacombe
1868 by William Henry Monk

The Unchanging Essence of Truth

Truth Fulfilled

Words, words everywhere but only one truth