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Judging the Cornerstone


(reject, disallow)

(marvelous, wonderful)


The Greek verb, Apodokimazo appears nine times in the new testament, eight times in reference to Christ being rejected by the Jewish leaders in fulfillmet of Old Testament prophecy. Apodokimazo is a compound of apo, a preposition meaning apart (out of, from ,of) and dokimazo, a verb meaning to examine, scrutinize or test, for value. The Jews had examined the words of Jesus and then rejected Him. His words 'found no place in them' because they did not know the Father. (John 8:37, 42-44)

The Greek adjective, Thaumastos,  appears seven times in the new testament, three times to describe the believer's view of Christ the Cornerstone in contrast with the rejection of Christ by the Jewish leaders.  


Old Testament prophecies of the rejection of the marvelous Cornerstone:


New Testament fulfillment:

And coming to Him as to a living stone which has been rejected by men, but is choice and precious in the sight of God. 1Peter 2:4


Those who reject the Cornestone as a dwelling place for their souls, have judged Jesus through the lens of the flesh and the darkness of Satan's lies. Those who repent of their sin and receive the gospel of Jesus by faith, come to rest on the Cornerstone while absorbing the light of God's Kingdom---God's word. Believers judge the Cornerstone as a marvelous dwelling place for their soul---viewing Jesus through the Father's eyes. He is wonderful! He is marvelous!

Feb 2012